2014 Gold Coast Whale Migration

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We are 2 months away from the first of the Humpback whales which will be migrating past the Gold Coast during 2014 season. These animals travel from the cold waters of Antarctica where they have been feeding themselves for the last 5-6 months on the abundant food source in the polar region. They will not eat during their migration to the tropical waters so they need to store energy for the long swim ahead. Humpbacks will travel as far as the equator looking for a mate or to give birth in the warmer tropical waters. We are very fortunate on the Gold Coast to be positioned in the middle of their journey from the south pole to the tropics and back. It gives us 5-6 months of continual Gold Coast whale watching.

Firstly the massive mammals are traveling north along the Humpback highway. They start to arrive on the Gold Coast around the last 2 weeks in May and their numbers quickly build by the first week in June. We are then given a solid 5 months of consistent whale watching here on the Gold Coast. By the 3rd week in August we will have humpbacks traveling south and returning to the polar region. The migration is in full swing with the bulk of the whales still swimming north and a few of the early animals returning south, so the Gold Coast whale watching is spectacular as the animals meet each other on opposite paths for the next 6 weeks. From here we are treated to the playful humpback calves jumping and skylarking around with their mothers keeping a close eye on where and what they do. The annual migration has many different aspects, showing many different behaviors throughout the whale watching season. So it is up to you which part you would like to see close and personal with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast's private whale watching tours where we limit the number of guests to 6 per charter and only ever provide private tours.

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