7 News Gold Coast Whale Watching story with Getaway Sailing

A juvenile humpback whale gave an awesome encounter with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast whilst on a private  Gold Coast whale watching charter. This massive mammal played around the yacht for 5 hours and gave us an amazing experience showing the wide open mouth many times and breaching once.

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Click this image to view the footage of this Gold Coast Whale Watching incredible encounter.

The footage of the day spent with this guy was taken by the skipper Darryl Franklin and produced into a news story by channel 7 news. We first found this animal around 1/2 of a mile south east of the Gold Coast Seaway at 10am. The weather on the day was calm with on swell and no wind so we lay a still on a glassy ocean with a beautiful creature who was very interested in us. The peaceful glassy  ocean gave you us silent atmosphere to watch the antics of a humpback whale in it's natural environment. 5 hours of constant wonderment as the animal exposed it's open mouth showing the baleen's and perfectly pink palete. In unison we drifted along the Gold Coast crisp clean waters around 1/2 a mile from the beach at all times.  On board "Eau De Vie" were a lucky German family who had charter the boat for the day. They were treated to a spectacular display of mother nature. The Gold Coast whale watching season of 2014 has been very special with perfect Queensland winter weather giving us the greatest days to whale watch in 25 deg sunny days.

If you would like to take your family or friend on a private Gold Coast whale watching tour contact Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast and book in a date. The season runs from June to November so come and spend a day with the whales on your own private skipper yacht.


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