Byron Bay Whales Divers Spot and Photograph Humpback Whales

Whales have been increasing in number off the the NSW North coast. Byron Bay is one of the best places to view humpback whales from land. The headland with the light house is the eastern most point of Australia and is a cliff face high above the waters edge.This gives us the closest possible land based platform to view these majestic animals. A recent dive boat heading out to Julian Rock was fortunate to come across humpbacks heading north and they took these photos. For the full story follow this link.Gold Coast Whale WatchingImage Courtesy Byron Bay Whale Watching

Of course the best way to view these guys is via boat where you can see then in there natural habit up very close, close enough to be eye to eye. Call your local whale watching tour operator for more details. There are many different types of vessels to use from sailing boats to large 3 story power boats, the choice is yours.