Gold Coast Whale Watching 2018



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The annual humpback migration is happening in the Gold Coast waters from the start of June to the end of October. Each year the number of whales has been increasing with an estimated 30 000 humpbacks to cruise past the Gold Coast this year. Getaway Sailing offers you a private sailing charter with the humpback whales, watching there antics from the comfort of your own skippered yacht for the day. We only have the one vessel "Eau De Vie" and she is very accustom to having the massive humpbacks next to her. You can see in the video how the humpbacks are not intimidated by the yacht. We are the same size as the average humpback and we are silent. The whales are happy to sing whale song for us and we listen with the on board hydrophone. If you wish to have front row seats on your whale watching trip we are definitely the right choice for you. No crowds. Just your group of guests on board and it is only $26 more than the big boats. I prefer to depart at 8am for the best conditions for your experience with the humpbacks, however we can arrange a time to suit you as it is a private charter.

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