Gold Coast Whale Watching During August 2013

This August has been one of the best whale watching sessions on the Gold Coast for many seasons. There have been hundreds and hundreds of whales passing weekly with the majority now passing us on a southerly heading.

This last 10 days has shown a difference in the actions of the massive mammals. Earlier in the month they were breaching, tail slapping and basically showing off, they then went into a courting behavior pairing up and dancing together in the ocean mid month. During this courting period the whales did not do so much above the water action and were spending only a short time on the surface taking 3 breathes and then diving together and not surfacing for around 8-10 minutes. Most of the time Humpbacks around the Gold Coast are under the surface for around 3-5 minutes and on the surface for any where from 3 minutes to many hours.  This behaviour has changed now and there is much rejoicing with loads of Humpback Whale action on top of the ocean. The season has 2 months of the migration remaning and we will be treated to many more spectacular moments on the Pacific Ocean.

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