Gold Coast Whale Watching season kicks off with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast

Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast has been out on the ocean looking for the start of the annual Humpback whale migration. We were very fortunate to discover the first humpback whale passing the Gold Coast on Sunday the 25th of May 2014. 5 whales in total were seen with two pods of two humpbacks and one lone traveler. The massive mammals will be passing the Gold Coast over the next 6 months with a friendly wave, some tail slapping and of course the mighty breach that they are know for. Over the last 2 days we have been surrounded by dolphins on numerous times which was also captured on video. I you are wishing to view these wonderful creatures of the deep call Getaway Sailing for an unforgettable experience on a private Gold Coast Whale Watching charter under sail on our french yacht " Eau De Vie ".  Getaway Sailing Whale Watching Link