Gold Coast Whale Watching Season Kicks off

Whales have been spotted off the Gold Coast to start the 2013 Humpback migration. Locals and visitors have been sighting whales from their highrise apartments for the last 10 days. The frequency of whale sightings is increasing daily as the pods of humpbacks start to cruise past our beaches for the 2013 Gold Coast Whale Watching Season. We are in a fortunate geological position where these majestic creatures pass our door for the next 6 months either heading north at the start of the season or heading south from around August through to November. The Humpback whale is a species of baleen whale. They are very playful animals and love to put on a show of aerial acrobatics. Providing private tours Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast whale watching , will be heading out to film and record the sights and sounds of these first few pods over the weekend coming and will post the findings next week so stay tuned!! Gold Coast whale watching at it's best.


Gold Coast Whale Watching is Here for 2013



Gold Coast Whale watching

Gold Coast Whale Watching

with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast