Gold Coast Whale Watching Season Regulations for 2013

Gold Coast Whale Watching Season

better than ever this year!!

No 3 NM limit any more


The Queensland state government has changed the whale watching regulations which banned commercial whale watching tour operators from stopping and viewing whales within 3 nm of the main land. The first 3 NM of ocean along our coastline is the Queensland state Government's domain. The federal government looks after the ocean from 3 - 200nm. The new legislation allows commercial operators to stop and watch these massive mammals whilst en route to the Humpback Highway found around 5 NM off the Gold Coast. The majority of whales migrating passed the Gold Coast with be found swimming either North or South depending on the time of year on this Humpback Highway, however there is often smaller pods of whale frolicking in close to shore. Last year during the Whale migration I witnessed whales frequently swimming within 1 NM of the Gold Coast beaches.



The 2013 Gold Coast Whale Watching Season is now going to be even better due to the lifting of this 3 NM no stopping and watching rule. So we can now view these guys in smoother waters.The size of theses animals limits the amount of beaching they can do in shallow waters so it will be necessary to travel farther out into the ocean to view the spectacular breaches such as this one Getaway Sailing caught on camera last year.

Gold Coast Whale Watching Season 2013

looking good!!!

Gold Coast Whale Watching SeasonThe Gold Coast Whale Watching Season is due to start any day now. The first whales will pass the Gold Coast in late May early June.