Gold Coast Whale Watching August 2013

We have been treated to some of the best weather here on the Gold Coast over the last couple of weeks for Gold Coast Whale Watching and the humpback whales have been enjoying the climate with us. Whale Watching Gold Coast Humpbacks love to breach the surface of the water and expose their body to the sun and the wind. This guy was able to launch high enough so as to get his entire body out of the water.


Gold Coast Whale Watching with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast will give you a private encounter with the whales. We are the only private whale watching charter on the Gold Coast and take a maximum of 8 guests on a tour so every body can have the perfect view. We listen to the humpbacks with our underwater hydrophone which gives us a clear audio of the whale conversation. These tours depart Runaway Bay Marina before 9am and return after a full day out with the whale  around 4 pm. The cost $130 per person Call Darryl now 0438 435 769

Gold Coast Whale Watching

Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast

Whale Watching Gold CoastWhale Watching Gold CoastGold Coast Whale Watching

Whale Watching Gold Coast






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