Humpback Whale Feeding Grounds.

It has been thought that Humpback whales have not indulged in feeding whilst on migration along the east coast of Australia. However there is growing evidence that humpback whales may feed opportunistically while migrating towards their breeding grounds. An article from The University of Queensland talks of common feeding around Eden on the southern New South Wales coast line. Humpback whales are seen feeding between September and November each year as they migrate south towards their Antarctic feeding grounds for the southern hemisphere's summer.

Humpback migration

This image is from the Australian Government Department of the Environment Australian Antarctic Division It show the swim pattern of 16 humpback whales which were tagged in Eden and returning 6 months of data.

The University of Queensland is conducting further programs to learn more about the eating habits of the humpback whale. Use this Link to discover more wonderful information about the humpback whales passing the golden beaches of the Gold Coast.

Baleen humpback whale gold coast

A young humpback calf feeding in the Gold Coast waters.



University of Queensland.