Humpback Whale Song

Humpback whale song fills the ocean with the whales migrating between the warmer tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef and rich feeding grounds of the Antarctica waters. These melody's are heard over thousands of miles of ocean.

Humpback Whale Song of a New Born Calf and Mother

Whale Watching Gold Coast


This season Getaway Sailing will be recording the Humpback Whale song with our hydrophone. I will have these whale melody's posted on the website for all to hear. The call of the Humpback is individual and repetitive. Listen to the recording of Humpback whale song above and you will hear the melody repeat.

Humpback Whale Song

The mechanisms used to produce sound vary from one family of cetaceans to another. Marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins, and porpoises, are much more dependent on sound for communication and sensation than are land mammals, because other senses are of limited effectiveness in water. Sight is less effective for marine mammals because of the way water absorbs light. Smell also is limited, as molecules diffuse more slowly in water than in air, which makes smelling less effective. However, the speed of sound is roughly four times greater in water than in the atmosphere at sea level. Because sea mammals are so dependent on hearing to communicate and feed, environmentalists and cetologists are concerned that they are being harmed by the increased ambient noise in the world's oceans caused by ships, sonar and marine seismic surveys.

Humpback whale song

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