Migaloo closing in on the Gold Coast Whale watching Season

Today is Sunday the 22nd of June and Migaloo is due to pass the Gold Coast today or tomorrow. Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast is sailing out to the south of the Gold Coast towards Point Danger on the New South Wales - Queensland border. Here we hope see migaloo pass the Gold Coast, he was last reported off Port Stevens on Friday the 20th so he is approaching us and will arrive soon.

Migaloo the white albino humpback is thought to have been born in 1986 which makes him 28.Female humpbacks reach sexual maturity at the age of five, achieving full adult size a little later. Males reach sexual maturity at approximately seven years of age. Humpback whale lifespans range from 45–100 years. Fully grown, the males average 13–14 m (43–46 ft). Females are slightly larger at 15–16 m (49–52 ft); one large recorded specimen was 19 metres (62 ft) long and had pectoral fins measuring 6 metres (20 ft) each. The largest humpback on record, according to whaling records, was killed in the Caribbean. She was 27 metres (89 ft) long with a weight of 90 metric tons (99 short tons). Body mass typically is in the range of 25–30 metric tons , with large specimens weighing over 40 metric tons . To distinguish male and female when whale watching, the female has a hemispherical lobe about 15 centimetres (5.9 in) in diameter in its genital region. This visually distinguishes males and females. The male's penis usually remains hidden in the genital slit.

We are very excited to be looking for migaloo today and will post any finding and images.Migaloo Gold Coast Whale Watching