Sailing lessons on the Gold Coast

If your looking for a Gold Coast Sailing Lessons to brush up on your Sailing skills for an up and coming bare boat hire or if your in the market for a yacht and would like to try your hand at sailing first then this is perfect for you. Enjoy a sailing lesson on the Gold Coast with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast. Our vessel is an ex bare boat charter vessel from the Pittwater Sydney. She is perfect for you to refresh your sailing skills. Your skipper will help with the vessel doing as little or as much as you wish him to do, and you can ask questions and have Darryl (the skipper) run you through the basics again or if it's the first time you will bare boat hire we can show you how a cruising sailing boat works.

Sailing lessons Gold Coast

"EAU DE VIE" from a Birds Eyeview

Where Sailing Lessons take place

Sailing lessons are conducted in the smooth waters of the Gold Coast's Broadwater and if you wish our vessel is ocean rated so we can venture out into the ocean through the Gold Coast Seaway. Your boat hire will be private so you and your guests will have full attention to the boat.

The cost of the charter will be $440 with a maximum of 3 guests.

Gold Coast Sailing Lessons

CALL DARRYL : 0438 453 769


More Saiing Packages

Marriage Proposal

July 15, 2015


A Marriage Proposal Under Sail with our Big Beautiful WILL YOU MARRY ME ? Sail.

Looking for that romantic marriage proposal. With our marriage proposal sail easily deployed by you,your sure to make a moment in time she will never forget!!

Book an exclusive & private Marriage Proposal sailing charter with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast and we will show you and your partner the pristine water ways of the Gold Coast with South Stradebroke Island National parks surrounding us whilst under sail.

As the spinnaker opens

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Lunch Cruise

July 15, 2015

Lunch Cruise to South Stradebroke Island

Tipplers Licensed Cafe LogoDiscover Tipplers Cafe on the beautiful  National Parks of South Stradebroke Island. Ocean beach walks live music and great food. A wonderful way to get that island escape.

11:30 – 3:30 is usually best but can be changed.

$100 p/p plus lunch

(This charter has a minimum charge of $350)

Contact Us here for a booking or phone

0438 453 769

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South Stradbroke Island

July 14, 2015

South Stradbroke Island Discovery Gold Coast Boat Cruise
Enjoy 8 hours of Sailing, Swimming, Beach walking, Fishing, Shell fossicking

$176 Per Person

Your Gold Coast Boat Cruise Details

Experience a Gold Coast boat cruise  sailing a 35ft luxury yacht to South Stadebroke Island with your family or friends only 45 minutes from Brisbane. It all happens in the smooth waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater.

With your skipper helping to make the decisions you can all play a part in the fun and excitement of sailing the vessel or if you prefer, sit back and

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Hen’s Cruise

July 13, 2015

Getaway Day Spa & Sailing Girls Day Out
Ideal for couples as well

Gold Coast Day Spa and sailing Gold Coast

Our Ultimate package where you can spend the morning being pampered at our Gold Coast hinterland Day Spa Getaway Day Spa and then have an afternoon of Exclusive luxury Sailing with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast.

This package cost $350* per person.

Contact Us here for a booking or phone

0438 453 769

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