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Lunch Cruise to South Stradbroke Island

Tipplers Licensed Cafe LogoDiscover Tipplers Cafe on the beautiful  National Parks of South Stradbroke Island. Ocean beach walks live music and great food. A wonderful way to get that island escape.

11:30 – 3:30 is usually best but can be changed to what suits you and your guests.

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$150 per person excluding lunch costs, Minimum charge $600

(lunch costs additional to Tipplers Cafe and can be pre-ordered ahead of arrival)

1-4 Guests $600

5 Guests $750

6 Guests $900

7 Guests $1050

8 Guests $1200

9 Guests $1350

10 Guests $1500

Contact Us here for a booking or phone

Office: 0411 200 899  OR Skipper: 0435 733 699



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July 15, 2015



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