South Stradebroke with East Coast Lawyers

Wednesday was no average work day for the East Coast Lawyers and their friends. The girls arrived at the marina and departed around 9 am bound for South Stradebroke Island. The bubbly was flowing with the wind in our hair as " Eau De Vie " glided through the Gold Coast waterways. With 15 knots of NNW breeze we managed to sail 90% of the way to the Bedrooms which is an anchorage at the northern tip of South Stradebroke Island. We dropped anchor next to the beach and took a tender ride to the Island where the girls were treated by Bettina (Getaway Day Spa) to a foot scrub and massage whilst lying back in our bean bag. Lunch was served with a full tide lapping the beach. Some beach walked, some sat and chatted, one swam. Actually one swam back to the boat "Go Girl". With the NNW breeze slightly stronger we sailed home on a down wind run with Michelle at the helm pulling up to 7.3 kn (great job mate).

Fantastic day out on the water thanks to Gina and East Coast Lawyers. Hope to see you again.

Fair Winds

Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast