Sunday Whale Watching Gold Coast Cruise

Sunday the 26th of August was another sailing cruise to remember with 2 Humpback whales spending half the day with us. They played at the surface for many hours showing off as best they could and yes they did get our full attention. The two whales came over to us at around 10:30 am and follow us for a short while staying behind the vessel and approaching as close as 2 meters from the stern. They play and frolicked about the yacht swimming under, in front and doing circles around us. They breached, bobbed up and down,swam along side upside down and stayed with us until 3:00 pm. The vessel "Eau De Vie" our 11Meter sailing yacht was 6.5 Nautical miles east of the Gold Coast Seaway and 2 miles north of the Seaway when they first arrived. When we altered course to return to the Seaway at 1500 hours they turned briefly to follow and then decided to continue on their southerly heading. Our vessel was traveling between 1 and 3 knots for most of the leg with the whales and sailing on a board reach with a very slight following sea. The sun was shinning and the wind was around 6 knots. A magical day out on the Pacific Ocean with a couple of majestic creatures.