The Humpback Highway is Humming June 2015

Close to the end of June 2015 and we have soooooooo many whales traveling north on their annual migration. Humpback whales are cruising past the Gold Coast on their journey to the warmer waters of Queensland for the breeding and birthing grounds of the Great Barrier Reef. Some of these whales will travel as far as Fiji and Tonga for their annual pilgrimage to find a mate. This image was taken in the crystal clear waters of Tonga.

Gold Coast Whale Watching

On the Gold Coast we are treated to humpback whales from the end of May through until the end of October. We have whales for 6 months of the year. This season has already seen huge breaches and loads of tail slapping. We had a juvenile whale play with us for over an hour last week coming to within 5 meters of the yacht. When a whale approaches the yacht within the 100 meter limit we stop the vessel moving though the water and sit back and watch the animals play, they are often having a look at us just as much as we are looking at them.

Humpback whale are extremely inquisitive animals and are most interested in our yacht. Our vessel is the same size and colours as a humpback whale lying on it's back. We have had many a whale glide past upside down and looking us straight in the eye as they pass. This is a whale watching us up side down ......... got to love this time of Year!!

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