Whale Songs whilst Watching from the Yacht

whale watching gold coast

 Whale songs with Getaway Sailing

The first of our whale watching songs through the hydrophone whilst we are videoing the animals. Today there were 40 - 50 whales passing us through out the day. We positioned the vessel around 8 - 9 miles off the Gold Coast shores and sailed through the clean Pacific ocean with the Whales passing us constantly. There were many breaches as well as pectoral fin waving. The humpbacks were traveling at around 3 -5 knots north in pods of 5 to 10 whales.

I have posted a youtube video of the days events. Here Whale Watching on the Gold Coast

Great day out come and listen to whale songs and watch whales play with us some time check out Whales and Sails on our web site or phone 0438 453 769

Whale songs

Whale songs from the other side of the world