Whale Watching 2017 Best on the Gold Coast

This Whale Watching season of 2017 has been the best viewing of humpback whales I have witnessed in over 8 years of watching these massive mammals. The annual migration population has increased to around 25 000  whales passing the Gold Coast. The daily action on the coral sea is breath taking!
whale watching,Gold Coast

We are watching humpback in their natural environment, watch their courting, play time and sometime they are just swimming either on their way north to mate or maybe give birth or south back to their summer play grounds for some good food to replenish the energy spent during the long migration. We have calves breaching with us daily now in the month of September and mother and escort trying to keep the young one under control with large tail flicks and loud whale talk under the sea. Our hydrophone is hearing whale song 80% of the time in September with both adults and juveniles singing. These images are of an afternoon spent with three very friendly humpback, these animals played with us for an hour and more until we left to return to the Gold Coast Seaway. Even after getting the yacht underway these three humpbacks followed us for another 5 minutes until they decided to play with another pod of whales that we came across.

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gold coast whale watching