Whale Watching Breaches

Whale fin slappingThe last whale watching tour had the most number of breaches I have ever seen by one whale. This guy would not stop breaching, to the point of being able to tell within 20 seconds when and pretty close to where the next breach would happen. We were able to take many images of the breaching humpback. It all started with one whale pectoral fin slapping the ocean in the distance. We were already along side 2 humpbacks and sailing at around 3 knots with the 2 whale cruising north.  When the larger humpback started slapping the water the two whales we were sailing with changed course and headed for the single water slapper. Once the 3 were together the party started with one whale breaching for over an hour along side the yacht and all 3 joining in on the fin slapping. These breaches were very close to the yacht with the boat at a stand still and sails at a minimum the whale breached within 100meters of the yacht several times.

Gold Coast whale watchingWhale watching Gold CoastWhale Watching Gold Coast

Whale Watching Breaching Sequence

This breach was around 100meters from the yacht. We were shown an amazing display of whale watching tricks.

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