Whale Watching Gold Coast

Gold Coast Qld (June 2015) The Whales Are Here.

The 2015 season has begun, and sightings down south confirm its promise of being the best ever. The humpback highway is going to be busy. This week we have had many sightings, we were in search of Migaloo the white whale on Monday (22/06/15) this week and more than 35 whales were sighted in that day alone.

The best way to see the whales is from your private, silent and comfortable yacht. The whales seem to prefer our boat to the noisier motor boats with their imposing shadow.

Whales often come close to our boat, water from their blow holes sometimes sprays our deck , once when we had a channel 7 film crew on board and a large humpback rolled belly up and reached out with his fin and played with the anchor hanging on our bow, the news that night was high-fived by a humpback.

Your private charter means  just your private group! Everybody has a perfect view. We stay out twice as long with the whales as the other tours. We stay out on the water with the whales while the other companies drive back to pick up the next group.

Enjoy the silence of sailing over the pacific ocean. Our hydrophone allows you to listen live to the whale song and also demonstrates the reason the whales do no like the large motor boats.

Your Skipper is the owner of the boat and a very experienced seaman, a gold coast local and whale aficionado. Not long after you leave the sea-way he will be pointing out spouts from the migrating pods as they come up to breath. The time will pass quickly and within the hour you will be in the middle of the humpback highway a few miles of the gold coast, the yacht will then slow down to about 2 knots and the only sound will be you going WOW!! as the curious whales come to us.

Private Gold Coast Whale Watching

More Video footage Whale Watching with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast

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