Whale Watching on 7 News

Gold Coast Whale Watching

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Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast was featured whale watching on Seven News. We were fortunate to have a whale watching experience of a life time and captured it on video. The guests on board Eau De Vie and myself will remember this encounter for years to come. I would class it as one of my top 10 experiences with the whales over the five years I have been conducting whale watching tours on the Gold Coast. We are into the 4th week of the Gold Coast Whale watching season and there are many many humpbacks migrating north now. On a recent sailing expedition by myself, ( I was looking for Migaloo the White humpback ), In 10 hours of sailing in the Gold Coast waters up to 20nm off shore I would estimate seeing well over 100 humpbacks. It is now time to come see these guys at their best!! Click on the image to watch the awesome footage of these humpbacks antics with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast