Whale Watching with Lawson and Dylan

Over the September school holidays Lawson and Dylan came out on to the ocean with me to do a spot of fishing. What happen was amazing, on the way to spot X we were treated to a new born calf feeding from it's mother.Whale Watching


At first from a distance it was hard to workout what we were looking at.The adult Humpback Whale was perfectly still with her tail out of the water and her head pointing the the center of the earth. She was lying vertically and very still for over two hours. The mother would stay down for around 7minutes with her tail out of the water the entire time and surface for one minute and then resume her vertical pose.

We did not see the new born whale calf initially and wondered what was this large animal was doing. Then surfaced a four meter humpback whale. The little guy never left it's mother by more than a body length. We stay and watched for around half an hour and it appeared that the calf was feeding and never straying from it's mother.

After returning to the beach Angela and Courtney jumped on board and we ventured out to find this incredible moment again. It wasn't hard to find them as we cruised out both mother and calf did massive full body breeches making it very easy to find them. She kept feeding the calf for a short while longer before they both headed off in a southerly direction.