Private Gold Coast Whale Watching

Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast The supremely elegant whales are making their way north now!




$200 per person for the 6-7 hour private charter

Minimum charges apply

100% success with finding whales since 2010

Gold Coast Whale Watching on your very own PRIVATE Skippered Yacht sailing with massive Humpbacks whales.

Why we are the best whale watching tour for you and your private group.

Gold Coast Whale Watching

1. Getawaysailing is the only PRIVATE GOLD COAST Whale watching charter, therefore no crowds - just your private group on the yacht! Everybody has a perfect view and you can request changes in how you want to see these amazing animals. We are not the average tour operator, we offer an exclusive private charter during which you feel you have your own private yacht.

2. Twice as long with the whales in comparison to other tours.
We stay out on the water with the whales while the other companies do two tours within the same time. We depart 8-9am return 1-2pm, but for calm seas earlier departure can be arranged.

3. We are the only Sailing vessel conducting Whale Watching tours on the Gold Coast.

4. Enjoy the silence of sailing over the pacific ocean with the humpback whales.

5. Our hydrophone allowing us to listen live to the beautiful natural chatter between the whales.

6. Our vessel allows you the closest viewing point to these massive mammals. (Scroll the video to 1 min 25 sec)

7. Video footage Whale Watching with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast

Watch Whales sing and dance on the Coral Sea on board your private Gold Coast whale watching  tour, with just your party of guests (7 max) and your skipper (Grant) cruising the Coral Sea. On the ocean in front of the Gold Coast  we listen live to the whale song and watch their charismatic nature on board your private skippered yacht. The Gold Coast is a fantastic place to watch Humpback and Southern Right whales as they migrate along the "Humpback Highway" between the cold Antarctic waters on the way to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef / equator and return. What better way to see them than under the power of mother nature sailing silently through the ocean. This migration occurs between May and early November. The Humpback highway is found around 4-5 miles from the Gold Coast Seaway. However, we can find humpbacks cruising just behind the waves on the beach. So every day is different with the Humpbacks. We have had a 100% success rate since 2010 for finding whales so you can watch their aerobatic breaching, playful spyhopping and territorial tail slapping. This all happens only 45 minutes from Brisbane right here on the Gold Coast. It is not uncommon to sight more than 20 humpback whales during your time on board the yacht. The previous season, we had many "muggings" by the humpbacks, which is where the animal swims alongside the vessel and dances around showing off to our guests on board. Many of our whales last season have stayed with us for 2 hours and at times the whale was within meters of the vessel. This season should be no different and we will have these graceful creatures dancing again around our vessel.  It is an amazing experience to share with family and friends so come and join us for a memory of a lifetime. We look forward to sharing the this wonder of nature with you.

 Gold Coast Whale Watching

 Your best Gold Coast Whale Watching Camera Settings.

A camera on one of these Gold Coast whale watching  tours is a great idea and we often see dolphins and sea turtles as well Humpbacks. There are many fantastic photography moments to be captured. We have found a zoom lens around 200mm or even 300mm is best for the closeup shot. We would set the ISO to 640, put the camera on shutter priority and a shutter speed of at least 1/800 sec, have the frame rate on continuous and high, and if you have a polarizing filter for the front of your lens you achieve the best results. Another option would be to use aperture priority. The issue with this is the movement of the whale vs the movement of the Camera. To snap a crisp image you will need to have a shutter speed of  greater than 1/640 so this means the ISO needs to be set higher than the normal 100. It depends on the f stop (aperture) you are using as to which ISO to select. We suggest you play with the camera on the way out the Seaway to find your optimum ISO.   By marine law we are not to be closer than 100 meters from a whale although they are inquisitive animals and will often come along side the yacht. If you wish to be viewing these magnificent creatures in their own environment on a very personal Gold Coast Whale Watching tour please call the office on 0411 200 899 or Skipper Grant on 0435 733 699.

Our location for you Gold Coast Whale Watching Tour is:

Runaway Bay Marina. Gate D
247 Bayview street Runaway Bay

You can look us up on Google Maps for help finding us.

If you have any whale photo memories you wish to share please look at our Gold Coast Whale Watching Facebook page.

Gold Coast Whale Watching

Package Details

  • Tour cost $200 per person with a minimum charge of $800 per charter (ie. 4 Guests) You are welcome to have less than 4 guests onboard however the minimum charge of $800 applies
    So gather a group of 4 or more together for an unforgettable day with the humpbacks. You are welcome to pay the minimum charge if you wish to have the vessel and skipper for a couple or even alone and the humpbacks. We have taken many photographers out on their own for a wonderful day of wildlife photography.
  • Depart Runaway Bay Marina at a time that suits you  (8am departure or earlier for calm sea)
  • This charter is conducted in ocean conditions. Please read the Frequently asked Questions and Answers
  • BYO lunch and drinks
  • Our phone number again (Office: 0411 200 899 or Skipper Grant: 0435 733 699) we look forward to showing you an experience of a lifetime.
  • This whale watching charter is not suitable for children under the age of 12 due to the length of time on the water and the chance of sea sickness.

What to Bring:  Hat,  sunscreen, easy to eat food,  warm clothing,  sun glasses and a camera, BYO food and Drinks

Besides doing Gold Coast Whale Watching tours Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast also offers smooth water packages. These are champagne sailing tours with smooth waters and ocean sea breezes. The packages range from Family trips, a day out with friends, photography cruises, twilight tours or any occasion we can tailor for you.


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